About Dub Aid

Presenting cheque for £6,500 to Gt Ormond Str Hospital

Dub Aid is now in its 6th year! We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our previous shows having raised approx £30,000 for charity (even after all the costs of putting on the events were covered, helped in no small part by the sheer number of organisations and individuals who generously donated their services, products or time). And let’s not forget the continued support of all you V-Dubbers, be that the weekend campers or the day visitors.

We are keen to do it all again, raise some more money for charity and see you guys enjoying yourselves at one of the best shows of the year!

Charity Proceeds Info

We confirm that, apart from show set-up costs, all monies raised will be donated to the chosen charities. We do not retain any money as profit. Naturally, the fewer costs we have, the more money can be given to the charity. To that end, if you believe you can contribute in any way and become one of the event’s sponsors, please drop us a line.

About our chosen charity


I believe the children are our future; yes it’s a line from a cheesy song but at it’s essence, it’s the fundamental truth.

Our children will shape the world to come, and as such they deserve our support to grow, our encouragement to learn and ultimately, our protection. There are many children in the UK who are not afforded the simplest of human rights; safety and security. The NSPCC work to prevent child abuse and keep children safe, and they have our full support as this years main beneficiary of Dub Aid.

NSPCC is a registered charity England and Wales 216401. Scotland SC037717.