How to Contact the Dub Aid Team

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Use the Contact Form

To send a message that any of the team will get, simply use the form below. Alternatively, if you need to get in touch about something specific, check out the contacts listed after this form.

Perhaps you know who you need to contact?

Want to find out more about this event? Not surprisingly, there are a few people behind this. Depending on what it is you’re after, one of them may be more appropriate than another. Here’s who’s looking after what:

  • Gemma

    Looking after all things entertainment, sponsorship and press related.

  • Pete

    General show enquiries and sponsorship questions here please!

  • Phil

    Got a trade enquiry? Send them here!

  • Sue

    Got a question about camping? Ask Sue!

  • Lloydi

    Looking after this here web site! Any issues with the site (bug, want something added etc), drop Lloydi a line.